My Name's Caitlin, Founder and Creative behind The Sewn Seed.

This is me + my guys and while I wouldn't consider them the most ideal employees, they are my beating heart outside of my body - my why, my cheer squad, my cuppa makers, my biggest distraction, the best snugglers after a long day.

I am a 'heart on my sleeve' type of person. Slight over sharer. Always up for a laugh and convo that goes below surface level. 50/50 introverted extroverted. The take no Bullsh*t Aries type and also 'drop all the things' if you need me kinda gal. I am constantly inspired by my own children, the feeling of Spring, the warmth of a kind heart, Teskey Brothers on repeat, and the way a flower falls and rises throughout the seasons.

The Sewn Seed is a small online business that I operate from home, situated in Safety Bay, Western Australia. Offering a unique range of embroidered goods, pressed florals and branding + design.

It all started as a dream in late 2017 - hard work, slow work, grace, late nights, youtube tutorials, online workshops, failing, winning, and all of your love that has gathered my vision to where it is today.

Thank you for being here, creating magic with me + supporting my dreams.

© All rights reserved
I own Copyright to all of the designs and products on this site and store unless stated otherwise. Any reproduction or use of these designs other than the intended Personal Use will be an Infringement of that Copyright. It's also not the raddest thing you could do just incase you were wondering.

Forever + always
I am committed to keeping a personal touch to all of your orders by hand writing notes to each of you and being intentional about how each order is packaged and received. My promise, as the shop grows, is that the care and attention to detail will never be forsaken.

Forever + always, Caitlin x