Your questions and feedback are invaluable to me - If you have something to say or a question that isn't answered below then I would absolutely love to hear from you.

How can I Contact you?

The best way for me is via email: caitlin@thesewnseed.com, alternatively you can click on the Contact link at the bottom of the page and I will endeavour to get back to you within 48hrs.

When are you in office?

I am at my desk weekly from Monday through to Friday. On my off days I always try to answer quickly when I can, if you have an urgent matter regarding an order, custom work or are just eager to get a hold of me then try the "Text Message" link on The Sewn Seeds Instagram Page from a mobile device - Please only use this option if it is a matter of urgency.

The Sewn Seed Office Hours:

Do you only make embroidered Tees?

Yes, embroidery is something this store specialises in, of which I am very fond of, the designs are also known to last and wear longer than usual.. who doesn't want their fave quote stitched on a Tee anyways?

Do you offer customised work?

Yes! Please email me to enquire about custom work, from hand lettering and illustrations to general design, invitations, events, custom prints or embroidered goods.

**Basic pricing info available on the Let's Create page.

Why can't I have this design I found online embroidered onto a product?

Unless you have the rights to use someones intellectual property and can actually prove that you do, unfortunately I cannot offer this service. As a creative I totally get the lengthy hours it takes to make a design - Let's instead make something along those lines but completely different.

The quote banner I love has sold out, will you be restocking?

If a banner has sold out then that’s it! All of the home banners are Limited edition with only 50x sold of each. It means my pieces are not produced by the masses and that you know only a small amount of people in the world have the same banners in their home.

Gift Vouchers

The Sewn Seed gift vouchers have a 12 month expiry from the date of purchase and are available to be used online and sitewide (including towards custom work from the 'Let's Create' section, please contact me personally for these redemptions). Gift vouchers are for single use only and not redeemable for cash. They can all be sent and redeemed worldwide.

How to purchase a Gift Voucher:

How to use your Gift Voucher:

Any questions? Contact me, I'm here and more than happy to help.